Aug 16, 2022

Has Russia legalised intellectual-property theft?

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A new law seems to strip away the IP rights of Western firms | Business.


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  1. Alien Sentinel says:

    There is no such a thing as “intellectual property”.
    There are several different concepts that include “patents”, “trademarks”, “authorship” etc,
    The main idea behind the patent is that someone get the (reasonable) money for the use of the invention for limited time period (30y in soft, 10 in pharma, etc).
    If some company “forbids” technology usage by the third part (country) it automatically (!) leaves the patent void on that territory. You can not “forbid” patent usage and claim it it the same time.
    Moreover, if companies try to sabotage contracts with third party, be ready that these party will claim compensation. So it is completely possible that in some moment this “intellectual property” will pass to other owners by the judge and then these new owners start confiscate properties in second countries (e.g. China, Indonesia, Argentina) as part of the “violation” of the intellectual property ;-).
    Finally, this is a question of “authority”. I would prepare that all offshore occidental properties will be arrested (nationalized).