Aug 15, 2022

FUTURIST | Most important ideas & concepts (5x) — Peter Joosten MSc

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What are 5 important theories, ideas and/or concepts of futurists and future thinkers? What is the most important theory (in my opinion)?

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0:00 Introduction.
0:20 Who is Peter Joosten M.Sc.
0:59 The 5 theories.
1:12 Theorie 1: Singularity.
3:30 Theorie 2: Amara’s Law.
4:45 Theorie 3: Recombination.
6:15 Theorie 4: Serendipity (and the story of Viagra)
7:40 Theorie 5: Jetson Fallacy.
8:34 The most important theory (in my opinion)
8:51 Summary.
9:04 Leave a comment.
9:10 Hire Peter Joosten MSc.
9:51 End.

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