Aug 26, 2022

Finally! NASA’s Space Launch System is at the rocket pad, ready for launch

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The launch of Artemis I will be a symphony of high-powered machinery.

The countdown is well underway to launch NASA’s moon-bound Artemis I mission. NASA is preparing to launch SLS to orbit as soon as Monday, August 29. Once there, the Orion spacecraft hitching a ride atop SLS will detach to make its way towards the moon.

The mission will kickstart NASA’s Artemis launches, which will send humans back to the moon for the first time since 1972, and also pave the way for crewed missions to Mars.

A lot of hard work has gone towards the August 29 launch, culminating in the launch of SLS. The powerhouse rocket’s many components were built by many organizations, each serving a vital purpose. Here is a visualization of the major components of SLS. Below we provide more information on each separate part.

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