Jul 11, 2022

The Future of Earth: 1000 Years From Now

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The Future of Earth: 1,000 Years From Now.

In the last 250 years, humans have drastically and irreversibly transformed the Earth. Greenhouse gases emitted by human industries have changed the planet’s climate, presenting the single greatest threat humanity has ever faced. If humans can cause such incredible damage to the Earth in 250 years, what will our planet look like in 1,000 years time?



Only 11 Years Left to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Climate Change.

Ate of Environmental Damage Increasing Across Planet but Still Time to Reverse Worst Impacts.…t-impacts/

How the Environment Has Changed Since the First Earth Day 50 Years Ago.…years-ago/

World’s Biggest Terrestrial Carbon Sinks Are Found in Young Forests.

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