Jul 13, 2022

Swiss Company to Build an Intercity Network of Tunnels for Robotic Cargo Pods

Posted by in categories: futurism, robotics/AI

In short, we’re buying so much stuff that it’s becoming hard to get that stuff where it needs to be without undue negative impacts on infrastructure, transit networks, traffic, and ultimately, quality of life. People aren’t going to stop buying stuff, so how can we plan for a future where there’s more stuff being moved and our streets aren’t overwhelmingly clogged with semis and delivery vans (and the polluting emissions that come with them)?

A Swiss company has an idea—one that’s pretty original, a bit wacky, and maybe excessive. Or maybe it’s brilliant; you be the judge.

Underground cargo is the concept. It’s also, as it were, the name: Cargo Sous Terrain. In a network of subterranean tunnels, large pods ferry pallets of goods between various hubs. The pods are automated and electric, able to pick up and drop off loads from designated points, and the network would run constantly, like a conveyor belt in a factory.

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