Jul 31, 2022

Scientists identify hair loss regulator protein, could be reversible

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Researchers at the University of California Riverside (UC Riverside) have identified a single protein that seems to control when hair follicles die. Armed with this new information, it might eventually be possible to reverse the process and stimulate hair regrowth.

The protein in question is known as TGF-beta, a signaling protein that regulates the division, growth and death of cells. As such, it plays major roles in important jobs like wound healing, and seems to be hijacked by cancer cells to allow uncontrolled growth. In this case, the team found that TGF-beta extends its work to the cells inside hair follicles.

“TGF-beta has two opposite roles,” said Qixuan Wang, co-author of the study. “It helps activate some hair follicle cells to produce new life, and later, it helps orchestrate apoptosis, the process of cell death.”

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