Jul 14, 2022

Nikita Michelsen, Founder & CEO, Pearlita Foods — Sustainable Cell Cultured Mollusk Seafood Products

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Sustainable cell cultured mollusk seafood products — nikita michelsen, founder & CEO, pearlita foods.

Nikita Michelsen, is Founder & CEO of Pearlita Foods (, the world’s first cell-based mollusk company, which is developing sustainably & ethically grown products, like oysters and abalone, that are contaminant free without compromising flavor or nutrition.

Most recently Nikita served as both Director of Community and Director of Marketing of SynBioBeta and their Built With Biology premier innovation network for biological engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors who share a passion for using biology to build a better, more sustainable planet.

Nikita has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from UC Santa Barbara.
and a Master of Science in Information Science from Aalborg University.

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