Jul 5, 2022

New AI-powered app could boost smartphone batteries by 30 per cent

Posted by in categories: mobile phones, robotics/AI

A cutting-edge AI development that could boost smartphone battery life by 30 percent and shave countless kilowatts from energy bills will be unveiled to technology giants. The ground-breaking University of Essex-developed work has been rolled into an app called EOptomizer—which will be demonstrated to expert researchers and designers as well as major manufacturing companies like Nokia and Huawei.

It is hoped the EOptomizer app will be adapted across the industry and help drive down , by making consumers’ goods last longer.

It will do this by using software to dramatically increasing efficiency and reliability in phones, tablets, cars, smart fridges and computers’ batteries—delaying when consumers need to buy carbon-footprint-producing replacements. The event—which takes place in Robinson College, in Cambridge, on 11July—will showcase the impact EOptomizer could have across the globe.

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