Jul 2, 2022

Mind-Bending Physics Reveals Electrons Travel in “Lanes” While Moving Along Quantum Wires

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A new study from the University of Cambridge reveals that electrons can simultaneously possess different energy levels.

Electrons, one of the most fundamental components of our universe, still hold a few secrets that puzzle modern scientists. Since the 1920s, physicists have worked to try and unravel the workings of these negatively charged particles, and how they behave in different situations. Now, research conducted at the University of Cambridge has shed new light on a pair of key factors–the spins and charges of electrons–revealing even more about their unique behavior.

Background: Spin and Charge

In the 1920s, scientists conducted several experiments that revealed electrons possess multiple spins. One of these, the Stern-Gerlach experiment, involved a beam of silver atoms directed at an uneven magnetic field. The magnetic field split the beam in two, revealing two different spins for the electron.

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