Jul 15, 2022

Liz Parrish interviewed by María Zabay for the Spanish newspaper “Ok Diario” (English & Spanish)

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I share this revealing interview given by Liz Parrish, “Patient Zero” in biological rejuvenation, to a journalist in Madrid, Spain. It took place in July 10, 2022 and lasts 20 minutes.

During the interview Liz speaks in English. However, the journalist, whose name is María Zabay, speaks mostly in Spanish.

Don’t miss it because Liz says things that most people don’t know about her and her company BioViva Sciences.

Liz Parrish, patient zero in gene therapy for full-body and brain biological rejuvenation, is interviewed by María Zabay.

María is a writer, speaker, director and host of television programs, as well as actress.

The interview was done by María in Madrid, on July 10, 2022, for the Spanish newspaper “OK Diario”.

Here the link to the article in Ok Diario where the video was published:…os-9370761

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