Jul 2, 2022

Dr Katcher’s E5 Experiment June 2022 Update | Review

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Earlier I posted results. Those posts did not include info here concerning topical E5 human trials to start in a month or so and if the results are good they will start up a U.S. factory. So far, 3 treated rats have a 13% longer lifespan than the max for a lab rat and 3 of them are still alive.

In this video we report on the June 2022 update from Dr. Katcher’s experiment with E5, where he is testing to see how long the rats will stay alive if they are given an E5 injection every 90 days. The experiment appears to be coming to an end with only 3 treated rats still alive. But a new experiment has started as well as a human trial of E5 used topically being planned.

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