Jul 26, 2022

A new study confutes the bold theory that T. rex was three separate species

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Back in March this year, a study published in Evolutionary Biology claimed that fossils categorized as Tyrannosaurus rex represent three separate species. However, a new study published on July 25 in Evolutionary Biology refutes this claim and suggests that the previous research lacked evidence and Tyrannosaurus rex is made of only one species.

The previously controversial research implied that T. rex should be reclassified as three different species, including the standard T. rex, the bulkier “T. imperator,” and the slimmer “T. regina.” Researchers analyzed 38 T. rex fossils that contained leg bones and teeth samples, a press release revealed.

However, paleontologists at the American Museum of Natural History and Carthage College were determined to review the data of the previous research, adding data points from 112 species of living dinosaurs—birds—and from four non-avian theropod dinosaurs.

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