Jun 22, 2022

What Is It About the Human Brain That Makes Us Smarter Than Other Animals? New Research

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Humans are unrivaled in the area of cognition. After all, no other species has sent probes to other planets, produced lifesaving vaccines, or created poetry. How information is processed in the human brain to make this possible is a question that has drawn endless fascination, yet no definitive answers.

Our understanding of brain function has changed over the years. But current theoretical models describe the brain as a “distributed information-processing system.” This means it has distinct components that are tightly networked through the brain’s wiring. To interact with each other, regions exchange information though a system of input and output signals.

However, this is only a small part of a more complex picture. In a study published last week in Nature Neuroscience, using evidence from different species and multiple neuroscientific disciplines, we show that there isn’t just one type of information processing in the brain. How information is processed also differs between humans and other primates, which may explain why our species’ cognitive abilities are so superior.


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  1. flashgordon says:

    As Jacob Bronowski explains in his “Origins of Knowledge and Imagination, “the eye uses inferential circuits to figure out whether what it’s seeing is a line or not.”

    He goes on to show how human language can evolve out of animal language. He shows how we can decode out nouns and verbs out of the single command sentences of animal alarm calls. I explain and prove with evidence outside of Jacob Bronowski’s book, his ideas.

    Gospel of Truth: Mathematics as the Holistic —…r=1-14