Jun 12, 2022

This desk microphone makes it painfully clear whether you are muted or not

Posted by in categories: computing, education

It’s amazing how simple designs can save you from hours of frustration and embarrassment, even virtually.

Work and School from Home arrangements have forced many people to get used to video meetings, virtual classrooms, and online presentations. As if those weren’t stressful enough already, the horrors of discovering that you have been speaking for the past 10 minutes to half an hour when you’re mic has been on mute all the time only adds to feelings of dread. Unfortunately, computers and software haven’t adjusted yet to these new demands on life, lacking clear indicators on the status of the mic. While there might be some sophisticated and complicated software that could try to guess whether you actually need to be muted or not, it actually takes a dead-simple idea to give that peace of mind at very little extra cost.

Designer: Yaman Gupta

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