Jun 15, 2022

PayPal Mafia’s Keith Rabois agrees with Elon Musk on the importance of returning to the office: ‘The ambitious people want to work IRL’

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Rabois’s pushback to remote work comes at a time when many workers are pushing to continue having the option, and companies who allowed it during the pandemic are deciding what their policies will look like moving forward. According to ADP Research Institute, 64% of workers surveyed said they would consider looking for another job if their employer asked them to return full-time.

While Protocol talked to other investors who argued that asking workers to return to the office shouldn’t be a big deal, not everyone agrees, and the debate has spilled over onto Twitter, giving the public a glimpse into how executives and investors view the issue.

In a response to Rabois’s tweet about only funding IRL startups, Jeremy Stoppelmann, cofounder and CEO of Yelp, tweeted that Rabois’s tweet was the “Equivalent to ‘looking to fund startups running Windows95.’”.

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