Jun 26, 2022

Armored Cadillac Escalade doubles as a leather-lined, bulletproof, rolling safe room

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The latest in the company’s series of AddArmor vehicles, the 2022 B6 Escalade features lightweight B6 AR 500 bullet-resistant material in every body panel that offers B6-level protection, plus B6-level reinforced glass that can sustain prolonged strikes from rocks, bats, or other blunt objects, the company claims. A PA siren system (to disperse crowds) and run-flat tires also help prepare the Escalade for dangerous situations. B6 protection is the highest level of civilian pr… See more.

The 2022 B6 Cadillac Escalade will let drug kingpins travel with the peace of mind that shots from an assault rifle can’t penetrate their luxury SUV.


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  1. please send price and where to purchase information regarding the 2022 B6 Escalade, fully loaded, and please include fog lights as well.
    I am interested in a custom putty or linen color.

    Thank you.
    Dolores Maria Rodriguez
    Flagstaff AZ

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