May 27, 2022

Ukraine’s crisis: 8 new satellite images reveal the devastation on the ground

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War feels ‘a hundred times more irrational’ when viewed from space.

Satellite images taken from space have been vital in reporting on the war in Ukraine. They have even helped to debunk disinformation that has spread since the start of Russia’s invasion in late February.

While satellites — such as those used by Maxar Technologies to help document the war — are equipped with powerful cameras that can zoom into vast regions, it turns out the conflict is also visible to the naked eye from orbital space.

“When you’re in space, you feel so far away at first,” European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Matthias Maurer, who recently returned from his 177-day stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS), told German broadcaster *ARD*, as per *Futurism*.

But the invasion “was clearly visible to the naked eye from space,” he explained, saying he could see it in the form of “huge black columns of smoke over cities like Mariupol\.

The astronaut, Matthias Maurer, saw huge black columns of smoke from the ISS and claimed that the war in Ukraine is clearly visible from space.

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