May 15, 2022

Machine Intelligence — A conversation with Robert J. Sawyer, the award winning sci-fi author

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Machine intelligence and artificial intelligence. How it may impact the future of humanity — A discussion with award winning science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer.

The exponential growth in computing powers, machine intelligence and artificial intelligence suggests that within a few decades intelligent machines will have more capability than us. How will they interact with humanity and what are the risks?

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Robert J. Sawyer’s WWW trilogy of Wake, Watch, and Wonder has just won this year’s Media Award from the Machine Intelligence Foundation for Rights and Ethics (MIFRE), a Washington-state-based non-profit.

The award is given annually for the best fictional representation “of human and machine intelligence forming and thriving in a cooperative peer relationship.”

Previously, Wake, the first volume in Sawyer’s trilogy, was nominated for the Hugo Award, the science-fiction field’s highest honor, and all three volumes in the trilogy each separately won Canada’s top SF award, the Aurora, for Best Novel of the Year.

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Amazon link to the WWW series, WAKE, WATCH and WONDER:…atfound-20

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