May 9, 2022

Gwynne Shotwell says SpaceX will reach Mars by 2030! But why must we become multiplanetary?

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Are Elon Musk and Gwynne Shotwell right? Is Mars that important? Why must we become a multiplanetary civilization?
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  1. I find it somewhat ludicrous for us to aim to live on Mars when we have not yet put in place space ports equipped with planet defense systems assuring planet defense. Further are we to just trust Elon Musk to be the Captain of the Mars Colony? I work in the manifesto parts of the Transcendia Passport on political engineering. It is meant to build government from those precedents that are long lived and most importantly over time resistant to corruption. How large is too large? It appears that parliamentary government working to defend and educate within “Counties” with airports and their Airport Authorities are robust forms of government with low corruption figures operating according to ethical principles way more than morality based institutions. Any County with a population over 3 million appears to be impossible to keep from becoming corrupt. In fact I’d posit that below the transition from chiefdom to state at a population of 50,000 people was ideal. Since it is clearly corruption that kills governments we must concentrate on engineering political entities that are immune from the forces of sociopathy, and corruption. It is my goal as the founder of Transcendia to create a nation on earth of airports that extends into low orbit spaceports, moon space ports and then space ports between Earth, the Moon and then Mars. Thanks Russell Scott Day, Founder of Transcendia author of the Transcendia Passport I need help.