May 14, 2022

Elon Musk Explains Updates To Starship And Tours Starbase! [Spring 2022]

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Latest updates on Starship design — and a lot of stuff that still needs to improve.

Today we’re going inside Starbase with the ultimate tour guide, Elon Musk. He’s going to take us through the High Bay to see where Starships are assembled, we’ll also see the new MegaBay under construction and talk about SpaceX’s plans to get this rocket flying.

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00:00 — Intro.
00:45 — Tour Begins.
03:00 — Starship Thrusters.
09:30 — SuperHeavy Booster talk.
13:20 — Grid Fin Updates.
18:55 — Inside High Bay and Starship Door.
24:00 — Starship Heat Shield Tiles.
28:00 — Starship Thrust To Weight.
30:30 — Cost of Going to Mars.
33:00 — Heat Shield and Flaps.
37:20 — Flap Discussion.
41:45 — Mega Bay.
43:45 — Outro.

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