May 4, 2022

Doing More with Spot

Posted by in categories: internet, robotics/AI

Over the last couple of years, we’ve continued to make improvements to Spot to better enable our customers. Today we’re adding to the list!

Finally, Spot’s charger is now smarter and faster, bringing Spot’s newest battery models to full capacity in an hour or less. Users can refer to the OLED display for real-time information on battery charge and can continue to charge the robot directly or hot-swap batteries for continuous operation.

Expanded Payload Ecosystem

The robot itself is just one piece of the puzzle. The full Spot solution includes the community, customization options, and collaboration ecosystem that helps deliver the most value from the robot. Through Boston Dynamics and our partners, customers can outfit Spot with a variety of payloads, including additional cameras, sensors, laser scanners, and more. These payloads, paired with specialized software, enable Spot to collect and process the data that gives industrial teams valuable insights into what’s happening in their facilities. This ecosystem is constantly evolving, and today we are excited to announce two new pieces of hardware that will enable next-level computation, radio communications, and 5G connectivity.

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