Apr 18, 2022

The Solar Energy Multiverse Keeps Expanding: Perovskites, Shape-Shifting Molecules, & More

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Solar energy has barely scratched the surface of its potential to decarbonize the global economy in time to avert catastrophic warming.

For all the activity in the solar energy marketplace, PV technology has barely even begun to hit the global economy in full force. Huge solar arrays filled with rows of super-efficient silicon solar panels are just one piece of an expanding universe. With that in mind, here are 4 new developments that could kick the slow pace of change into high gear.

1. Distributed Solar Energy

Distributed renewables are a big deal for the US Department of Energy and other solar energy planners, but they generally don’t catch the media spotlight. That’s because they tend to be small. On an individual basis, distributed energy resources range down to the kilowatt scale. They are easily eclipsed by huge multi-million megawatt PV arrays.


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  1. Please send me more information about the newest developments in Solar Panel developments and specifically Perovskite panels.