Apr 8, 2022

“Geogrid” helps cut home energy bills to just $1 per month

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Earth natural source of heat to warm the house.

These are typically powered by natural gas or electricity, which is usually generated by gas or another fossil fuel, causing a significant share of the nation’s carbon emissions.

Geothermal energy: While the temperature on Earth’s surface varies wildly with the weather, seasons, and location, that’s not the case below the surface. Dig about 10 feet down almost everywhere, and the temperature will be about 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Drill farther down, and it gets even warmer.

All 200 houses in Austin’s Whisper Valley development are equipped with geothermal heat pumps that take advantage of Earth’s consistent below-ground temperature to provide heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, eliminating the need for fossil fuel-powered systems.

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