Apr 23, 2022

Future Of Aging & Cellular Reprogramming | Eleanor Sheekey Ep 4

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She gives a great analogy of slowing aging versus reversing aging, and I did not realize Yamanaka Factors were not so perfect in current use.

In this video Eleanor talks about the her view on Longevity Escape Velocity and reprogramming with Yamanaka factors and some of the issues around this technology.

Eleanor Sheekey graduated from Cambridge University with a masters degree in Biochemistry and is now studying for her PhD at the Cancer Research UK — Cambridge Institute. Eleanor is the person behind the Sheekey Science Show, a popular YouTube channel where she covers longevity and other topics with her deep knowledge of biochemistry.

The Sheekey Science Show can be found here.

Eleanor’s paper is here.
p53 in senescence — it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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