Apr 14, 2022

After 404 Days on Mars, Perseverance Has Finally Spotted Its Parachute

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More than 13 months after the Perseverance rover landed on Mars (on 18 February 2021), the rover’s cameras have finally spotted some of the parts of the Mars 2020 landing system that got the rover safely to the ground.

The parachute and backshell were imaged by Perseverance’s MastCam-Z, seen off in the distance, just south of the rover’s current location. The image was taken on Sol 404, or 6 April 2022 on Earth.

Normally, the rover might have taken a brief side-trip early on in the mission to take images of the remains of the landing system. But Perseverance had to drive around some hazardous terrain to get to a large area of Jezero Crater that the science team wanted to study, called South Séítah.

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