Mar 1, 2022

Universal Consciousness | Part IV of Consciousness: Evolution of the Mind (2021) Documentary

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There’s only one Universal Consciousness, we individualize our conscious awareness through the filter of our nervous system, our “local” mind, our very inner subjectivity, but consciousness itself, the Self in a greater sense, our “core” self is universal, and knowing it through experience has been called enlightenment, illumination, awakening, or transcendence, through the ages.

Here’s Consciousness: Evolution of the Mind (2021), Part IV: UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS

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IMDb-accredited film, rated TV-PG Director: Alex Vikoulov Narrator: Forrest Hansen Copyright 2021 Ecstadelic Media Group, Burlingame, California, USA

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IMDb-accredited film, rated TV-PG
Director: Alex Vikoulov.
Narrator: Forrest Hansen.
Copyright © 2021 Ecstadelic Media Group, Burlingame, California, USA

*Based on recent book The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind’s Evolution (2020) by evolutionary cyberneticist Alex M. Vikoulov, available as eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook on Amazon:…atfound-20

Many people assume that they perceive the external world as it actually is — objective reality. It turns out, our perception may be thought of as a “controlled hallucination.” The brain’s amazing capacity to filter sensory information is crucial to forming coherent awareness of the world. However, one consequence of this amazing capacity is to limit our direct access to the vast consciousness of which we are a part. With advances in information and communication technologies, neuroscience, neurophilosophy and neuroengineering going boldly into the neurally-interfaced future, we will, in a literal sense, become one with our devices and even with each other. Such interlinking could create a uber-conscious supermind.

By contemplating the full spectrum of scenarios of the coming technological singularities many can place their bets in favor of the Cybernetic Singularity which is the surest path to cybernetic immortality and engineered godhood as opposed to the AI Singularity when Homo sapiens is hastily retired as a senescent parent. This meta-system transition from the networked Global Brain to the Gaian Mind is all about evolution of our own individual minds, it’s all about our own Self-Transcendence.

If consciousness ‘in’-forms reality by using information, which is a distinction between experiential states, as its heuristics engine, then a certain optimal complexity of patterns would equate to a phenomenal mind. There’s no telling that this complexity must peak at what we call biology. In fact, globally distributed intelligence of humans and ever-more capable AI combined could constitute a metabolizing superorganism where “cells” are periodically supplanted but the overall grander pattern persists.

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