Mar 28, 2022

The biggest problem in AI? Machines have no common sense

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What most people define as common sense is actually common learning, and much of that is biased.

The biggest short term problem in AI: as mentioned in the video clip, an over-emphasis on data set size, irrelevant of accuracy, representation or accountability.

The biggest long term problem in AI: Instead of trying to replace us we should be seeking to complement us. Merge is not necessary nor advisable.

If we think about it, building a machine to think like a human is like buying a race horse and insisting for it to function like a camel. And it is doomed to fail. Cos there are only two scenarios: Either humans are replaced or they are not. If we are, then we have failed. If we are not replaced, then the AI development has failed.

Time for a change of direction.

I think of a super intelligent learning machine as a data addict and then it’s easy to see how we fit in.

Correlation doesn’t equal causation — we all know this. Well, except robots.

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