Mar 4, 2022

Candy Play, Polaroid’s New 3D Pen That Makes Candy

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Because of their ease of use, functionality and material compatibility, 3D pens are becoming increasingly popular in the additive manufacturing market. Based on the FDM process, 3D pens are for some an alternative to desktop 3D printers, although the finishes are not as precise. Indeed, they allow users to manufacture all kinds of parts by letting their imagination and creativity run free, at a relatively affordable price. Polaroid has joined the market with its new 3D pen called “Candy Play”, which allows users to create candies from edible filaments.

With an elegant design and ergonomics, the 3D pen adapts to any hand shape according to the manufacturer. For example, the shape of Candy Play and the position of the buttons have been designed in a way to make the handling pleasant and natural. Additionally, its features mean that Candy Play 3D pen can be used by both right and left-handed people. As said before, Polaroid’s 3D pen does not use conventional thermoplastics, but edible filaments. And for those who are concerned about the sugar content of the filaments, it’s not a problem! Polaroid specifies that even if its filaments have different flavors, they are all sugar-free.

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