Mar 3, 2022

A New Internal Combustion Engine Produces Nearly Zero Harmful Emissions

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The world’s first active linear power transfer engine

According to Astron Aerospace, all of this makes the Omega 1 the world’s first engine with an active linear power transfer. “As the Omega 1 engine rotates,” the company says on its website, “all the power is transferred through the single rotating power shaft.” The firm also says the Omega 1 doesn’t require rota seals due to tight tolerances and such high RPMs that there’s not enough time for air to leak.

Astron Aerospace says the Omega 1 “will change the world for the better by providing a new, smaller, more powerful engine while using much less fuel.” The company says its new creation “will produce significantly less greenhouse gasses, while improving torque and power in [an] incredibly small package.”

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