Mar 4, 2022

3D Printed Cakes

Posted by in categories: food, futurism

3D printed food isn’t limited to basic sustenance. Discover the world of 3D printed cakes, which could well serve to be the future of fancy pastries.


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  1. Tree surgeon says:

    Now this is extremely cool, and I could see some high end michelin restaurants adopting this method, as a way to get more customers in the door to be honest. I used to work in the product design space, where we would prototype our designs using an FDM makerbot filament printer. At some point, the industry is going to evolve, and artists are always going to be pushing creativity. The only problem is the speed at which 3D printing technology happens. It’s still too slow to be used at a production scale, without scaling the number of machines. For this reason, it’s cost prohibitive for those in the food space.