Feb 13, 2022

Tesla News | Boston Dynamics to supply army of robots for DHL | High Tech News

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You’re on the PRO Robots channel and in this video we bring you the latest in high-tech news. Jetpack racing, boots for walking through the meta universe, drones for fruit picking, Tesla and Boston Dynamics, new DARPA competitions and other high-tech news in one issue!

0:00 In this video.
0:20 Cargo hybrid drone.
1:02 Tesla News.
1:50 Transportation to explore the moon and Mars.
2:34 Boston Dynamics News.
3:14 Surgery performed by a robot.
4:07 Meta Company.
4:50 Red Bull 2022 Contest.
5:22 Cost effectiveness of robotaxis.
6:15 Drones for inspection.
6:48 DARPA.
7:58 Drone fruit picking.
8:29 Shoes for the metaverse.
9:15 New type of robotic grippers.
9:44 A submarine with 2 arms.
10:20 A drone that launches with a cannon.
10:49 Company Motorica.

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