Feb 25, 2022

Scientists invent imaging method to assess quality of 3D-printed metal parts

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Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), have developed a fast and low-cost imaging method that can analyze the structure of 3D-printed metal parts and offer insights into the quality of the material.

Most 3D-printed metal alloys consist of a myriad of microscopic crystals, which differ in shape, size, and atomic lattice orientation. By mapping out this information, scientists and engineers can infer the alloy’s properties, such as strength and toughness. This is similar to looking at wood grain, where wood is strongest when the grain is continuous in the same direction.

This new made-in-NTU technology could benefit, for example, the aerospace sector, where low-cost, rapid assessment of mission critical parts—turbine, fan blades and other components—could be a gamechanger for the maintenance, repair and overhaul industry.

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