Feb 12, 2022

Robust Local Synchronization — Research Notebook Video

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Discussion and demos about synchronizing the asynchronous robustly in computing systems.

The T2 Tile Project:


Living Computation Foundation:

0:00 Introduction.
0:45 Sync of Computers Past.
3:05 Sync of Computers Present.
4:34 Sync of Computers Future.
5:58 Sync over Asynchronous Cellular Automata.
8:25 Demo 1: Waiting for the neighbors.
10:56 Simulating synchronous updating.
12:30 Demo 2: Conway’s Game of Life.
15:00 It’s the end of the universe.
18:30 Bottom Line: Global sync fails.
19:14 Local programmed sync is different.
21:28 Demo 3: The jerk and the empath.
24:25 Related work: Ring Oscillators.
27:50 Demo 4: Generalized Software Ring Oscillator.
34:13 Discussion: Against object-orientation.
36:53 Conclusion: Fight the master of the universe.

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