Feb 2, 2022

Retracted coronavirus (COVID-19) papers

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Omuterema AkhahendaAdmin.

🤔 if it is Optimus, can I buy it with Amazon Prime.

Wojtek TekOmuterema Akhahenda free delivery.

Alan LightAdmin.

More than just free delivery: self-delivery.

We should really come up with a new term for an autonomous robot that delivers itself this way. Probably some combination of the terms “auto” (for “self”) and “bot”.… See more.

Ron FriedmanJust when I thought I have enough Tesla stocks, it looks like I’ll buy more.

Via CDC We’ve been tracking retractions of papers about COVID-19 as part of our database. Here’s a running list, which will be updated as needed. (For some context on these figures, see this post, our letter in Accountability in Research and the last section of this Nature news article. Also see a note about the terminology regarding preprint servers at the end.)

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