Feb 17, 2022

Estimated 73% of US now immune to omicron: Is that enough?

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The omicron wave that assaulted the United States this winter also bolstered its defenses, leaving enough protection against the coronavirus that future spikes will likely require much less — if any — dramatic disruption to society.

Millions of individual Americans’ immune systems now recognize the virus and are primed to fight it off if they encounter omicron, or even another variant.

About half of eligible Americans have received booster shots, there have been nearly 80 million confirmed infections overall and many more infections have never been reported. One influential model uses those factors and others to estimate that 73% of Americans are, for now, immune to omicron, the dominant variant, and that could rise to 80% by mid-March.


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  1. Ben says:

    Everyone should take care of themselves and follow the SOPs in this time of hardship!

  2. Krishnan says:

    We have to admit the fact that Omicron is not risky compared to second wave and delta plus

    However, stay home stay safe!