Feb 14, 2022

Billionaire who flew into orbit last year funds another SpaceX mission, this time even higher up

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While some of the criticism of late about billionaires going to space is valid — Virgin Galactic CEO’s 10 seconds of BARELY sub orbital jaunt, and Bezo’s midlife crisis flight and jacket photo-op — Musk is getting things DONE. I love the idea of billionaires funding entire missions, not for their own self gratification, but to Get. Things. Done. (with a touch of personal gratification, but it’s being in SPACE, who can blame them for a small bit of joy when it comes with so much benefit to all? That’s what separates Musk from his lesser peers.)

Tech entrepreneur Jared Isaacman announced Monday that he will make another private spaceflight launching from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, alongside two SpaceX engineers and a former Air Force fighter pilot.

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