Jan 21, 2022

What Artificial Intelligence is Missing

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I propose an underlying process which constitutes our intelligence as human beings, and argue that our current AI systems fundamentally lack it.

John Vervaeke, Timothy P. Lillicrap, Blake A. Richards — Relevance Realization and the Emerging Framework in Cognitive Science
Daniel Dennnett — Cognitive Wheels: The Frame Problem of AI
Francisco J. Varela, Eleanor Rosch and Evan Thompson — The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience.

0:00 — Introduction.
0:28 — What is intelligence?
1:05 — Problem Solving.
4:17 — Categorization.
5:33 — Communication.
6:47 — The Importance of Relevance Realization.
7:22 — The Frame Problem.
8:48 — A Science of Relevance?
9:52 — A Theory of How We Realize Relevance.
12:31 — Can AI do any of this?
14:09 — End Screen

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