Jan 27, 2022

U.S. LEAKED: Artificial Intelligence Just Found ALIENS In SPACE

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In the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), we’ve often looked for signs of intelligence, technology and communication that are similar to our own. But as astronomer and SETI trailblazer Jill Tarter points out, that approach means searching for detectable techno signatures, like radio transmissions, not searching for intelligence itself. At the moment scientists are considering whether artificial intelligence (AI) could help us search for alien intelligence in ways we haven’t even thought of yet.

As we think about extraterrestrial intelligence it’s helpful to remember humans are not the only intelligent life on Earth. For all we know, chimpanzees have culture and use tools, spiders process information with webs, cetaceans have dialects, crows understand analogies and beavers are great engineers. Non-human intelligence, language, culture and technology surround us to no end. Alien intelligence could look like an octopus, an ant, a dolphin or a machine or, on the other hand, be radically different from anything on Earth.

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  1. Victor says:

    Lol!! They will not be using primitive radio…unless they want to be found.