Jan 29, 2022

Scientists Create Synthetic Dimensions To Better Understand the Fundamental Laws of the Universe

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Humans experience the world in three dimensions, but a collaboration in Japan has developed a way to create synthetic dimensions to better understand the fundamental laws of the Universe and possibly apply them to advanced technologies.

They published their results today (January 28, 2022) in Science Advances.

“The concept of dimensionality has become a central fixture in diverse fields of contemporary physics and technology in past years,” said paper author Toshihiko Baba, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yokohama National University. “While inquiries into lower-dimensional materials and structures have been fruitful, rapid advances in topology have uncovered a further abundance of potentially useful phenomena depending on the dimensionality of the system, even going beyond the three spatial dimensions available in the world around us.”


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  1. Willem Benoist says:

    Hi dear reality explorers, thank you for all thine hard work. It makes me wonder what beauty the future may bring us.
    I was wondering wether an open imagination and sensible stories may evoke more brilliance with ease and understanding the the process of our efforts as well the connection/value/meaning of these efforts in a context of understanding.
    Perhaps the following link may add to this story of understanding of co-workers and fellow students.
    Anyways no discombobulation intended hope everyone will remain balanced enough to maintain their “personal” evolution. Kind regards and enjoy!!

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