Jan 18, 2022

Research Project Will Study How AI Can Be Used In Creative Collaboration

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Musicians have been experimenting with artificial intelligence for a few years now. For example, in 2019, an AI trained on Schubert’s music completed his Unfinished Symphony and last October the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn performed an AI-generated version of Beethoven’s last symphony.

But what are the limits of AI music? Can an AI really be considered creative? And is it possible for an AI to improvise with musicians live on stage?

To find out, researchers from France, the USA and Japan are collaborating on a study to explore the role of AI in creativity, using a combination of machine learning and social science research. The project recently received funding from the European Research Council.

One part of the study involves teaching AI how to improvise, and find out if it can be used for example in live performance with (human) musicians.

Full Story:

A new research project will explore the role of AI in creativity, and find out how humans can collaborate with AI to make music together.

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