Jan 22, 2022

Organic redox flow battery uses liquid electrolytes

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Energy storage manufacturer CMBlu has developed — in the context of New Energy — an innovative product: the sustainable flow storage unit. This “Organic Flow Battery” can be a solution or a game-changer for the central question of energy supply, which is: How can green energy be stored safely in large quantities?

Organic Flow Batteries from CMBlu are the first of their kind to be developed for commercial use. The technology is based on readily available, fully recyclable, organic materials. The aqueous electrolytes are non-flammable and ensure absolutely safe and reliable operation. The batteries are freely scalable between output and capacity. They can therefore be precisely adapted to the individual requirements of the corresponding application with corresponding cost advantages. The system-inherent separation of electrolyte and actual energy converter not only avoids the effect of self-discharge, but also enables the restoration of the original performance by simply replacing individual components instead of the entire battery.

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