Jan 24, 2022

New Device Lets People Who Are Blind “See” in Infrared

Posted by in category: futurism

Watch out, Matt Murdock — there may be a new Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen soon enough! While Murdock’s superhero character relies on super hearing, taste and electrical impulses to see because he is blind, IRL folks with low vision may soon have access to a new pair of goggles that uses infrared technology to assist in navigating the world around them.

Manuel Zahn and Armaghan Ahmad Khan at the Technical University of Munich in Germany published yet-to-be peer-reviewed new research on their 3D camera and haptic feedback armband.

“Even in the present era, visually impaired people face a constant challenge of navigation,” the pair wrote in their study. “The most common tool available to them is the cane. Although the cane allows good detection of objects in the user’s immediate vicinity, it lacks the ability to detect obstacles further away.”

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