Jan 24, 2022

Marcus Hutter: Universal Artificial Intelligence, AIXI, and AGI

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Marcus Hutter is a senior research scientist at DeepMind and professor at Australian National University. Throughout his career of research, including with Jürgen Schmidhuber and Shane Legg, he has proposed a lot of interesting ideas in and around the field of artificial general intelligence, including the development of the AIXI model which is a mathematical approach to AGI that incorporates ideas of Kolmogorov complexity, Solomonoff induction, and reinforcement learning.

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0:00 — Introduction.
3:32 — Universe as a computer.
5:48 — Occam’s razor.
9:26 — Solomonoff induction.
15:05 — Kolmogorov complexity.
20:06 — Cellular automata.
26:03 — What is intelligence?
35:26 — AIXI — Universal Artificial Intelligence.
1:05:24 — Where do rewards come from?
1:12:14 — Reward function for human existence.
1:13:32 — Bounded rationality.
1:16:07 — Approximation in AIXI
1:18:01 — Godel machines.
1:21:51 — Consciousness.
1:27:15 — AGI community.
1:32:36 — Book recommendations.
1:36:07 — Two moments to relive (past and future)

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