Jan 25, 2022

IBM forges entanglement to double quantum simulations

Posted by in categories: military, quantum physics

“Entanglement forging essentially enables you to cut up a larger circuit into smaller circuits that we can execute on smaller hardware,” IBM Quantum platform lead Blake Johnson said in a statement.

“Smaller circuits aren’t just easier to execute. They’re also able to tolerate a lot more noise just by virtue of being smaller.”

Meanwhile, progress continues on enlarging quantum systems. IBM’s 27-qubit Falcon processor dates from 2019, and has since been surpassed by larger systems, including IBM’s own 127-qubit Eagle last year. As detailed at the time, IBM intends to use that design to scale to a 433-qubit processor called Osprey this year, and a 1,121-qubit processed called Condor in 2023.

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