Jan 17, 2022

Dr. Irina Conboy — Rejuvenating Effects of Plasma Dilution

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2 big points from this. 1. Plasma dilution does reverse aging but a bit and the next question will be can it be done over and over to make you younger in steps. 2. She mentions wrapping up human test results and hopes to give the results at some point.

At the EARD 2021 conference, Dr. Irina Conboy discusses the rejuvenating effects of plasma dilution in old mice. Dr. Conboy also explains why she believes that the path of rejuvenation is through tissue maintenance and repair, not preventing tissue damage.

Why Are Old People Taking The Blood Of Young People?


Irina Conboy is Professor of Bioengineering, UC Berkeley, core faculty member and Core Member of UCB/UCSF Graduate Program. A key direction of her laboratory is to understand age-imposed and pathological changes in circulatory milieu and their impact on signaling pathways that regulate tissue maintenance and repair. In the past few years this direction has been ramified to synthetic biology and innovative digital biosensors for diagnostics of age-imposed alterations and for assessing the response to treatments longitudinally, in real time. Overall, success in this research will improve our understanding of the determinants of homeostatic health and will enable novel approaches to treat a number of pathologies that range from tissue degeneration to cancer and include novel ways to avoid and diminish fibrosis, inflammation and metabolic decline. Prof. Conboy received numerous awards for her work in Aging field, including Silicon Valley Foundation Award for clinical translation of aging research, Open Philanthropy Award, Packer endowment for Aging research, Raymond and Beverly Sackler TAU Award, Calico Award, Bridging the Gap, Rogers’ Award, SENS Foundation and Life Extension Foundation, W.M. Keck Foundation Award, Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging, Ellison’s Medical Foundation New Scholar in Aging award, and NIH KO1 and National Research Service Awards.

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