Jan 21, 2022

Control Lights With Your Mind With Neurosity Crown BCI And Unity!

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In today’s video I show you how the Neurosity Crown works by making a prototype to control lights which is initiated by thinking about movement of my left arm.

This Brain Computer Interface video will cover these areas:
👉 Neurosity console overview.
👉 Neurosity console left arm thoughts training with Kinesis.
👉 Extending Unity Notion SDK to subscribe to Kinesis updates and therefore get the data into Unity for further usage.
👉 Simple LightController in Unity to turn on and off lights controlled by a Philips Hue Hub.

🔥 If you want to see more BCI prototype videos be sure to share your interest in the comments.

📌 Unity Notion SDK:

📌 Get The Neurosity Crown Hardware from: (Affiliate link) 👉

📌 Neurosity Developer Documentation:

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