Jan 19, 2022

Astronomers Want to Build a Neutrino Telescope. Using the Pacific Ocean?

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Neutrino detectors are about to get a lot bigger.

One of the most mysterious particles in the universe are neutrinos, with only dark matter out-baffling scientists as a more puzzling phenomenon.

And while there are neutrino detectors in operation hunting for the rarified particles, we might need to resort to the colossal scales of the Pacific Ocean to detect a class of ultra-powerful neutrinos, according to a recent study shared on a preprint server.

And, with a small-scale demo in the works, we may soon see whether this idea will pan out, and transform our grasp of the universe.

Full Story:

Scientists plan to build a small-scale demo for the enormous neutrino detector! And if it works, we may take cosmic research to unprecedented scales.

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