Jan 13, 2022

A 14 Million-Year-Old Bubble Is the Source of All New Stars Around Us

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And the “Local Bubble” continues to grow in size.

14 million years ago a series of supernovae exploded pushing gas outwards and making a bubble that had conditions ideal for the formation of new young stars that we see around us. These are the findings from researchers at the Center for Astrophysics (CfA) Harvard and Smithsonian, an institutional press release said.

The origin of the universe and its many many stars keeps amazing us. While there are many theories surrounding the formation of our universe, science demands proof and that is why we send out space telescopes to peer far out in space and way back in time to understand how we got here. The most recent addition is the James Webb Space Telescope, which is just a few months away from sending us its first-ever image.

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In our search for the origins of our universe, we might also find where we came from. Was it by chance, design, or just a Local Bubble?

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