Jan 1, 2022

2022: The Gateway Year to Transcension

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| My holiday message to you, guys! #HappyNewYear #AlexVikoulov

ALEX VIKOULOV: Happy New Year, Friends! Live from Union Square in San Francisco. I wish you a magical, prosperous and successful 2022! Now, 2021 made us “fluent” in cryptos, blockchains, NFTs, Web 3 and Metaverse. I would call this new year “The Gateway Year to Transcension” — as we make our transition from mobile computing to immersive computing.

We’re now witnessing the initial stages of the Technological Singularity, when we merge with our advanced tech and our minds are set to eventually “migrate” to the Metaverse. This truly historical moment is perhaps comparable to the moment in our deep past when we, as sea creatures, crawled out from the ocean for the first time.

Good luck with your every endeavor and everything else this new year! Love you all!

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