Dec 13, 2021

Why Jeff Bezos Gets More Hate than Elon Musk

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When Jeff Bezos announced he was blasting off to space in the summer, there was a petition that he shouldn’t return to Earth. Actually, there were quite a few. Questions like this often pop up online: “Why do people like Elon Musk and dislike Jeff Bezos?” And Musk has just been named the 2021 Time person of the year.

We’re going to examine the reasons Musk has an army of fangirls and fanboys whereas Bezos not so much, and why Musk is starting to alienate some people as well.

A Quora user gave his two cents on why he thinks Musk is more likable: Maybe because…He engages people more via his social media. Musk loves to respond to the general public on Twitter, allowing him to build a powerful connection with his 65 million and counting followers.

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